Information regarding COVID-19

Dear handball friends,

We hope that you have spent the last difficult weeks well despite the massive restrictions and that you have stayed healthy!

In view of the measures that have been taken in recent weeks to curb the spread of SARS-CoV2, from today’s perspective it seems very unlikely, indeed impossible, to be able to hold an international Schmelzer handball tournament in the tried-and-tested format this year. This is all the more regrettable since we had to cancel the tournament last year due to the short-term withdrawal of our long-term partner, the GRG15 Auf der Schmelz. Unfortunately, we also have to assume that there will be no summer tournaments for young handball players in all other European countries.

Since last year’s cancellation, with the support of GRG23 Alterlaa and USZ Auf der Schmelz, we have developed a new concept with which we wanted to hold our traditional tournament this year in the usual quality.

It is foreseeable, however, that this will not be possible due to the restrictions on freedom of travel that still apply in the summer as well as the ban on major events in the summer announced by the Austrian Federal Government.

For this reason, the registration process for the tournament is temporarily suspended. However, we are working on holding a tournament in a different, smaller format – in accordance with the legal framework. We expect these to be published within the next few weeks. If we are clear about this, we will contact you again with this new concept, which is adapted to the current framework.

The primary goal is to offer the children and young people the opportunity to practice their beloved handball sport after the long forced break.

We are always available for questions:
Mobile 1: (+43) 0664/1691342, Markus Giefing
Mobile 2: (+43) 0676/4908138, Ernst Stangl

We wish you all the best, stay healthy so that we can see each other again as soon as possible in the halls or on the playing fields.

With sporty regards,
The OK team of the Schmelzer handball tournament